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Your donors expect your website to provide information that guides them while planning their gift. If you don’t want to build, maintain and update the complex gift planning modules of your nonprofit’s website yourself, integrate Sharpe’s gift planning website into your existing site, using your current branding. With Sharpe’s site, you can provide your advisors, development staff, donors and their advisors with a comprehensive and up-to-date reference resource unlike any other planned giving website available.

Content and Maintenance

Our sites deliver the in-depth regulatory, legal and tax information with context-sensitive live links to articles and databases, including the IRS-approved forms required to complete the gift, where available. The content is written by Sharpe consultants and is always up-to-date, so you have the comfort of knowing your site is always delivering the most accurate and relevant information. And our flexible website makes it easy to apply your branding and update copy whenever needed. 

Real-time Gift Calculations

You’ll also receive our proprietary, integrated, in-line calculation engine that performs the heavy lifting for you and your donors. From your website, your donors and their advisors can tailor an industry-leading list of planned gifts correctly and easily. Donors and their advisors can change various factors to arrive at the plan that suits them best. Calculations are delivered right from the site in real time, for easy, confidential sharing with the people involved in the gift decision.  


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Every donor communication plan requires informational, motivational and educational content for different types of gifts. Instead of re-creating the wheel, let Sharpe publications offer your donors thorough and up-to-date gift planning information on the topics that interest them. Even in the age of digital marketing, it’s the print publications that still matter most to the donors who will make the gifts you need in the next one to five years. Statistics confirm the need for print. You’ll want to include a full line of print publications in your program.

Publication Types

Sharpe offers a variety of publications on numerous gift planning topics, including wills and bequests, charitable gift annuities, retirement plans, gifts of real estate and trusts. Our publications provide in-depth information and examples for donors, as well as a special technical section for professional advisors. All booklets, newsletters and other print publications are reviewed regularly by experts to ensure 100 percent technical accuracy. We can deliver any type of print-ready publication, including articles, ads, postcards, white papers and presentations. 

How It Works

Sharpe’s creative services team customizes each publication to enable you to produce the materials you need, personalized to the degree you desire, in order to mirror the look and feel of your organization’s mission. We can tailor content to your specific policies and objectives, and our experts will review each piece for accuracy in light of tax, securities and other applicable laws and regulations. We can provide creative consulting, writing services and any other print production services (including direct mail services) your organization needs.