Encourage 2016 Year-End Giving

Year-End Giving Brochure CoversMany organizations receive roughly 40 percent of their yearly fundraising totals during the year-end giving season. Start planning now to boost your giving this year.

The year-end giving season is critical, and now is the time to plan your year-end communications strategy. Sharpe Group makes it easy to contact your donors at year-end with five specially designed year-end giving brochures. These six-panel brochures offer a cost-effective way for you to remind your donors to keep your organization top of mind as they plan their year-end gifts.

Sharpe’s year-end brochures are designed to both explain the benefits of giving before December 31 and explore various ways to make a charitable gift, including cash, securities, gifts from retirement plans and bequests.

Brochures may be personalized with your organization’s contact information and logo on the front and/or back cover. With every order, Sharpe includes a cover letter, P.S. language and suggested web/article copy.

Need help with a year-end fundraising strategy? “Your Guide to Year-End Giving: The Most Generous Time of the Year – 7 Ways to Boost Giving” is a 30-page strategic planning and marketing guide that includes tips, a marketing calendar, sample donor communications copy and more. Available for $295 by itself or $195 for orders of 1,000 or more year-end giving brochures. Order here!

The Charitable IRA provision encourages a particular gift that often is given at the end of each year. To learn more about Sharpe’s Charitable IRA strategic guide and publications to help you educate your donors on these gifts, click here.

Use your brochures:

  • As an integral part of your regularly scheduled year-end appeal
  • As an effective addition to a gift acknowledgment package this fall
  • As a convenient way to contact donors of all ages at least once a year

Sharpe’s 2016 Year-End Titles

Now is the perfect opportunity to assist your donors as they begin to consider year-end gifts. Plan ahead to have a successful year-end giving season!

Incentive discounts are available through September 15. Order your brochures now, email us at info@SHARPEnet.com or call us at 901.680.5300.

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