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Posted April 27th, 2016

The Emergence of Blended Gifts

The term “blended gift” generally refers to different ways individuals can make significant charitable gifts. As the baby boomers first began to approach the age range when most charitable gifts are planned and implemented, they were more inclined to structure larger charitable gifts differently from previous generations. They used “blended gifts” in an effort to provide both… read more

Posted April 25th, 2016

What Are the Charitable Contribution Carryover Rules?

By Jon Tidd Sometimes a charitable gift is too large to be fully deductible for the year in which it’s made. This is because the law imposes limits on the federal income tax charitable deduction. In this situation, the donor may be able to carry the excess part of the gift forward as a deduction… read more

Posted April 14th, 2016

How Now Dow?

by: Barlow Mann The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose to 2016 highs on April 14 and was within 2% of reaching an all-time record high. In 2015 the Dow was basically flat for the year and actually closed out with a small loss when compared to the close in 2014. Over the past 12 months, the… read more

Posted April 4th, 2016

What Can a Charity Do About Bad Legal Advice Given to a Donor?

by Jon Tidd If the gift is still in the planning stage, the situation is salvageable. What usually works best is to arrange for the charity’s planned gift attorney to talk one on one with the donor’s attorney, so that the donor’s attorney is not embarrassed in front of his or her client. Attorneys tend… read more

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