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Posted July 18th, 2016

Let’s Spend Time With Lead Trusts – Pt 5

Last time, we looked at a Charitable Lead Annuity Trust example. An example of a 12-year CLAT funded with $1 million of cash, which is to pay $50,000 a year (a 5-percent payout) to charity and then distribute its assets to Donor’s daughter. Question: How much will the daughter receive? No one knows for sure…. read more

Posted July 8th, 2016

Let’s Spend Time With Lead Trusts – Pt 4

It’s now time for a CLAT example, to see how this thing works. Let’s suppose Donor creates a CLAT with $1 million in cash. The CLAT is to pay $50,000 a year to Charity for 12 years and then distribute all of its assets to Donor’s daughter, Sue. This fact pattern is as plain vanilla… read more

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