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The Better Testamentary Response to the SECURE Act: Charitable Remainder Trust or Gift Annuity? Part 1

The SECURE Act dramatically reduced the deferral period of retirement plan benefits for a non-spousal beneficiary from their lifetime to 10 years. All benefits must be paid at the end of 10 years from the date of death of the account owner. However, no distributions are required until the 10th year; therefore, the beneficiary, if …Read More

A Heartfelt Thank-You

If you’ve followed our blog or read our newsletter, Give & Take, you know we stress the importance of thanking your donors. As our founder Robert F. Sharpe Sr. often taught clients, when a donor puts you in their estate plan, they are elevating you to the status of family, and they should be treated …Read More

What Is an LLC?

LLC means “limited liability company.” So what? LLCs play an important role in charitable gift planning. A charity may want to establish an LLC to receive gifts of real estate, for example. A donor may want to follow Mark Zuckerberg’s lead and create an LLC as a vehicle for making charitable gifts. An individual may …Read More

Jon Dickinson: No Pyrrhic Victory for Donors And DAFs

Notwithstanding the possible disruption to the world of donor advised funds from a potential trial in Fairbairn v. Fidelity Charitable Fund,1 a recently decided tax court case affirmed the longstanding rules governing gifts of appreciated stock to donor advised funds. In Jon Dickinson, Et Ux (2020) TC Memo 2020-18, the Dickinsons donated shares of their …Read More

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