Now is the Best Time to Encourage IRA Gifts

Charitable IRA Image

Fundraisers can now educate donors early in the year about the advantages of giving through their IRAs and continue to communicate those appeals throughout the year. As such, Sharpe Group recommends a multi-faceted strategy that shows donors the benefits of creating a Charitable IRA gift before they have taken their full required minimum distributions for the year.

Sharpe offers several tools to help you create an effective CIRA communications plan for your organization:

In addition, Give & Take often publishes articles about CIRA gifts. Click here to read “Don’t Let Your Charitable IRA Donors Make This Common Mistake” from the January 2017 issue.

For the most effective CIRA giving communications, it’s important to segment your donors by age. Click here for information on Sharpe Group’s Donor Data Enhancement Services.

* The strategic marketing guide is also available for no additional cost when you purchase $1,000 or more of any of the listed brochures and booklets.

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