Sharpe Donor Data Enhancement

Dramatically improve your ability to communicate with your donors. Findings from the Sharpe KnowledgeBase® show that donors give at different levels and in different ways based on age, income and net worth. We can help you identify and target these groups strategically.

Donor Base File Enhancement

By adding demographic data to your donor files, you can segment and communicate better, increasing your success in current and deferred gift planning efforts.

The data enhancement process is simple for clients. You give us a list of your donors with only minimal information (name, address, city, state and ZIP code), and you will receive an enhanced version of your donor file, containing powerful and actionable demographic data—data that can be used to better segment and communicate relevant messages to the right groups. This information is critical for any organization that seeks to get the most efficient use out of their marketing dollars. Our clients have used this service to drastically reduce mailing costs by ensuring that relevant segments of their list are receiving the right communications.

In partnership with the largest data compilation company in the world, we offer this data packaged at a special group rate for Sharpe Group clients. You’ll receive age, gender, marital status, income and net worth information about your donors (see below).

This donor data enhancement forms the basis for our Sharpe Gift Planning Matrix®. Ask your Sharpe Group consultant how to make this data work for you by combining it with other services.

sample donor data dashboard

shiny pie chart

How It Works

  1. Upload your list to a secure website in a simple, pre-approved format.
  2. Sharpe Group appends valuable demographic data to your file.
  3. Your file is returned to you to upload to your database along with a summary report.
  4. Your Sharpe consultant will review the report with you, analyzing the results and making recommendations for your program.
  5. Use your new data to identify more efficient and effective ways to communicate with your donors.

It’s Fast. It’s Easy. It’s Secure.

For more information on Donor Data Enhancement Services, contact your Sharpe Group consultant at 800.342.2375 or email moc.tenEPRAHS@ofni.

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