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Sharpe Newsletters

Findings from more than 50 years of working with nonprofits of all sizes and missions, known as the Sharpe KnowledgeBase®, confirm that those who are your most likely prospects for planned gifts are from generations who still prefer print communications. Even in the age of digital marketing, printed publications are still the most effective way to reach those donors who can and will make planned gifts in the next few years.

One of the most effective ways to reach this group is with a newsletter. Your Sharpe Newsletter will always reflect the uniqueness of your organization with customized content and design. Sharpe Newsletters offer a balanced blend of gift planning educational topics, information about your mission and donor stories. Sharpe’s team of planned giving experts write the technical articles and can provide more detailed gift plan examples.

Each newsletter client is supported by a team who will work with you, helping you choose the topics that best serve your donors’ interests. We will write engaging, informative articles and design the newsletter using your branding guidelines as well as graphic elements proven to appeal to older readers. Our experienced editors will interview your donors as needed and write compelling stories about their gifts.

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Your Sharpe consultant will recommend the most appropriate follow-up materials from our library of booklets. These pieces provide your donors with more detailed information about the topic highlighted in the newsletter.

To help you reach a broader segment of your donor base, for an added fee Sharpe can convert your printed newsletter into an easy-to-read-and-navigate eNewsletter for those who have a Sharpe Gift Planning Website.

Cost depends on content customization and quantity. Contact us online, call 901.680.5300 or e-mail moc.tenEPRAHS@ofni for options and pricing.

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