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Every donor communications plan requires informational, motivational and educational content for different types of gifts. Sharpe Group publications offer your donors up-to-date information on gift structures that may help them give more.

Our variety of booklets and brochures feature numerous gift planning topics, including wills and bequests, charitable gift annuities, retirement plans, trusts and gifts of life insurance and real estate. Our publications provide in-depth information and examples for donors, and some contain a special technical section for professional advisors. All Sharpe publications are reviewed regularly by experts to ensure technical accuracy.

To meet your needs, Sharpe booklets and brochures are available at three levels of personalization: imprinted, personalized or custom.

How to Use Sharpe Group Booklets & Brochures:

  • As inclusions with your annual appeal letter.
  • As inserts in gift acknowledgments and thank-you letters to donors.
  • As follow-up information requested in response to mailings, advertisements and seminars.
  • As hand-outs at seminars or special events.
  • As support materials to accompany gift proposals.
  • As “leave behind” pieces following personal visits with donors.
  • To supply information to targeted groups of high-level donors on specific gift plans.
  • In a mailing to local financial advisors.

Imprinted Booklets & Brochures

Need something quickly or have a tight budget? Sharpe’s stock booklets and brochures are the most cost-effective solution. Read more about imprinted publications to learn how to add your organization’s logo and contact information to one of our standard publications.

Personalized Publications

For a more personalized touch, you can use our online platform to choose your own colors and images. Read more about personalized publications and discover further information on available options and instructions.

Digital Booklets

For those seeking a digital option, consider integrating Sharpe’s digital booklets into your marketing and communications plan. Learn more about the booklet titles available in a digital format.

Custom Publications

Looking for something that is unique to your organization? Talk to us about producing a custom publication using your branding. Read more about custom publications and find out what Sharpe Group has created for other organizations.

Special Booklets & Brochures

2021 Donor & Advisor Guides

Sharpe Group can also help with your mailings. Contact us at 800.342.2375 or moc.tenEPRAHS@ofni to ask about our mailing services.