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Q: What fits in a No.10 envelope, answers questions and prompts responses from your donors?
A: Any of Sharpe’s 20 expertly crafted brochures.


From how to make a will to an estate planning quiz to the ins and outs of a number of gift options, Sharpe brochures are important to the marketing activities of many of America’s most successful gift planning development efforts.

Designed to provide a quick read and motivate responses, each design includes space for your imprint on the front and contact information on the back.

Choose from our designs and titles listed below, or we can work together to create a custom, one-of-a-kind brochure just for you.

Wills & Bequests Series

The State Has Made Your Will

When Should a Woman Have a Will?

Eleven Things to Remember

You Never Need to Change Your Will Unless…

Has Congress Changed Your Will?

What to Tell Your Attorney About Your Plans

How a Will Works for You

An Estate Planning Quiz

Q&A Series

Questions & Answers About Life Insurance

Questions & Answers About Retirement Plan Giving

Questions & Answers About Wills and Bequests

Questions & Answers About Estate Planning

Questions & Answers About Gift Annuities

Questions & Answers About Giving for Income

Questions & Answers About Giving Securities

Question & Answers About Estate Planning for Women

Question & Answers About Deferred Payment Gift Annuities

Question & Answers About Giving Real Estate

Additional Brochure Topics

Five Ways to Make the Most of Your Gifts

Giving Through Living Memorials

Thanks for Giving

The Charitable IRA

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Request samples here, check to see if your existing publications are up to date or download order form for Sharpe booklets and brochures.

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