2022 Year-End Giving Communications

Year-End Publications 2022

How to Use Your 2022 Personalized Year-End Publications:

  • As inclusions with your year-end appeal letter.
  • As inserts in gift acknowledgments and thank-you letters to donors.
  • As follow-up information requested in response to other planned giving marketing.
  • As support materials to accompany gift proposals.
  • As “leave behind” pieces following virtual and in-person visits with donors.
  • To supply information to targeted groups of high-level donors on specific gift plans.
  • To educate your board, volunteers and staff.
  • To provide information to those referred from advisors, personal contacts, requests for more information or other activities.

The final three months of the year are traditionally the busiest for fundraisers at charitable organizations, and now is the time to get ready to make the most of the year-end season.

Sharpe Group has resources to help you create and implement a fundraising plan designed to maximize year-end giving. Contact a Sharpe Group consultant for information on creating an effective year-end communications plan, including a personalized printed brochure or booklet to rise above the e-chatter and get your donors’ attention as they plan their contributions before the end of the tax year.

Personalized Year-End Publications

Use our online platform to create and order printed year-end publications targeted to your donors:

Interested in our 2022 Year-End Brief?  Our quickest solution for showing your donors the best ways to make their gifts is available for order. Just add your information to the back page and hit “print” or “send!” For an additional fee, we’ll add personalization.

2022 year-end giving publications can be used as inserts in scheduled mass appeals, as receipt enclosures or as part of a targeted mailing to loyal, long-term donors. Consider using these publications in campaigns for important year-end fundraising events such as National Estate Planning Awareness Week (October 17-23, 2022), National Philanthropy Day (November 15, 2022) and #GivingTuesday (November 29, 2022).

With every year-end publication order, Sharpe’s communications package includes sample cover letter text, P.S. language and copy that can be used in emails, web articles, printed articles or postcard reminders.

How to Get Started

  1. Sign up to obtain a username and password to create your personalized publication.
  2. Use one of our pre-selected images or choose an image from your own library. View our guidelines for digital art submission. Select a photo that meets the outlined specifications to ensure the quality of your product.
  3. Review pricing chart (see below).
  4. You will need the following items to get started:
    • Photo (if you would like to use your own).
    • Logo(s) for front and/or back panel.
    • Contact information or additional messaging for the back panel.
    • Bill to/ship to information.
  5. Review the step-by-step instructions for creating and ordering year-end publications.

Sharpe Group has tools to help you create a multi-tiered year-end fundraising strategy including:

For more information about any of our tools and services, contact us at gro.puorgEPRAHS@ofni or 800.342.2375.