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Data Services
Sharpe Comprehensive Data Services

Gift planning communications should be targeted to reach donors based on when, where and how they are listening. Having this vital information will make your major and planned giving fundraising more efficient and effective.

Sharpe offers three solutions to help you gain valuable insights to better know your donors and understand their motivations for giving.
• Data Integrity
• Data Update
• Gift Planning Matrix®

Sharpe Custom Gift Planning Training
Sharpe Custom Gift Planning Training

Sharpe Group’s fully custom onsite training is a cost-effective way to provide your entire development staff and others with the training they need to succeed.

• Staff and Board training.
• Donor presentations.
• National and local association presentations.

Gift Planning Websites
Sharpe Gift Planning Websites

• Written by technical experts.
• Mobile friendly.
• Personalized content.
• Continual automatic updates.
• Gift illustrations.
• Links to helpful IRS information.

Wholistic Solution
Sharpe Wholistic Solution®

Learn proven strategies to raise large gifts and create successful and sustainable gift planning programs.

Products & Services


The nation’s top major and planned giving professionals from around the country have attended Sharpe Group’s seminars to build a foundation of gift planning knowledge and increase their understanding of ways to structure gifts to meet the needs of their organizations and their donors, You can see the full list of seminar dates and locations on our event calendar.



When donors include a charity in their estate plan, they are elevating that organization to the level of family. Since the beginning, Sharpe Group has emphasized the importance of consistently stewarding donors who have included nonprofits in their estate and financial plans. We offer a variety of major and planned giving brochures and booklets that are ready to order, and we can even work with you to write, design and distribute communications that help you stay in touch with your family of donors and give efficiently and effectively.


Data Services

A donor database is one of the most important assets in any gift planning program. With the right information, you can predict giving trends, discover best prospects and identify ways to enhance your major and planned giving program to raise more gifts. Sharpe Group’s data enhancement and predictive analytics services can help you transform your valuable records into a gold mine of opportunity.


Planned Giving Program Assessments

Most, if not all, planned giving professionals know what must be accomplished when starting, evaluating or expanding a gift planning program. The challenge is ensuring that an organization has the tools, technologies and knowledge of how to use them in order to successfully navigate their journey. We can help you chart the right path for your organization.


The ARC of Engagement

arc of engagement

Sharpe Group’s Wholistic Approach employs our strategy of creating an “ARC of Engagement” with our clients to help them achieve long-term success and raise large gifts. The Sharpe ARC of Engagement is a multi-faceted approach to integrating Sharpe’s tools into your major and planned giving program.


What Our Clients Are Saying

We recently worked with Sharpe to create our first planned giving newsletter. After our first newsletter which highlighted simple ways to give other than through a will or a gift of cash, we received a life insurance gift. The donor mentioned how helpful it was to read about other ways to give after one’s lifetime. I’m certain the newsletter—specifically that article—contributed to the gift.

client tamara lane wilson

Since implementing and sustaining many of the recommendations from our planned giving program assessment from Sharpe, our average annual revenue has increased significantly from around $2 million annually to more than $6 million in the last five years. That means our year-to-year growth has improved by 221% over the past five years and 396% over ten years!

client sean twomey

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