Sharpe Planned Giving Program Assessments

planned giving program assessment

Sharpe Group’s Planned Giving Program Assessments provide an accurate picture of the state of your program and create realistic expectations for leadership. When armed with solid facts and key insights informed by an organization’s history and actual experience, strategic decisions become much easier for everyone.

Our consultants have experience reviewing a wide variety of gift planning programs and benchmarking them against national norms and groups with similar types of donors.

We’ll answer questions like:

  • Are you evaluating results systematically?
  • Are you using the right language to encourage giving?
  • How many of your expectancies actually result in gifts?
  • Is there an adequate contact management system?
  • Is your activity focused largely on routine bequests or on more complex gift arrangements?

Contact us to learn more about how a Sharpe Group Planned Giving Program Assessment can benefit your organization.

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