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Sharpe Group Makes Knowing Your Donors a Science

Knowing who your ideal donors are for each giving opportunity is key to a successful gift planning or major donor program. This is an important element of the Sharpe Wholistic Solution® in our service to charities. If you’re marketing planned giving appeals to the right donors, your message will resonate with them and most likely generate larger gifts. We’re ready to help you identify your ideal donors using donor data such as age, wealth and giving history, and the analysis we provide can inform and drive more effective marketing efforts. The results we deliver may help cut costs while enabling your best resource allocations.

Using our proprietary Artificial Intelligence and Sharpe expertise, we will analyze your donor data to identify the ideal donors for larger current and deferred gifts. We call this combined analysis, Augmented Intelligence, and with it, we can help you develop donor communication and stewardship strategies to foster larger major and planned gifts, such as bequest gifts.

How it Works

Our three-step data analysis process utilizes Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Sharpe consultant expertise to deliver detailed information about your donors that will help you create targeted and effective communications as well as assigning personal contacts to the right personnel.

sharpe ai descriptive analysisDescriptive Analysis
sharpe ai prescriptive planPrescriptive Plan

Descriptive—The first step is analyzing your donor data to paint a clear picture of who your donors are. Our data analysis tool uses data points such as age, wealth and income to create detailed donor segments.

Predictive—Next, we use this this data as well as individual giving history to make gift planning projections. We identify the giving attributes of each segment of your donors and offer predictions on how and when your donors may give. We identify the “ideal” donor for a planned gift and/or major gift so you can set your priorities of communications and resource allocations.

Prescriptive—The final step involves the expertise of our consultants. The consultants analyze the output of the AI tool to provide Augmented Intelligence or guidance on how to best utilize the data to create and modify your gift planning strategies and communications to be more effective and raise more and larger gifts.

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