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Findings from the Sharpe KnowledgeBase® show that donors give at different levels and in different ways based on age, income and wealth (among other demographics).

Who are your donors and what influences their giving?

Through a deeper understanding of your donors and their motivations for giving, you can make more informed decisions when it comes to:

  • Relationship building.
  • Marketing campaigns.
  • Creating specific donor targeting strategies.

Communications should be targeted to reach donors based on when, where and how they are listening. Having this vital information will make your major and planned giving fundraising more effective and efficient.

Sharpe’s Comprehensive Data Services offers three solutions to help you gain valuable insights to better know your donors and understand their motivations for giving. You provide your data, and we turn it into a goldmine of possibilities by assessing its “completeness” (Data Integrity), adding crucial information to the file (Data Update) and providing a complete report and customized marketing plan.

Need a quick checkup of the health of your data? Download these essential questions you should be able to answer with your data.

Data Integrity

Learn what percentage of your donor data file is “complete.” Do you have the information you need to accurately segment your list? This broad overview can help you identify what data you may be missing. This is particularly ideal for larger organizations with 30,000 or more data files. 

Data Update

Every year, the information you have about your donors (age, wealth, contact information) changes by as much as 20%. It is vital that your records stay up to date, particularly when it comes to donors who have passed away since your last update.

We will update your data by appending important demographic information such as address, age, gender, income and wealth. We also have an option to flag those donors who are deceased.

Sharpe Age- and Wealth-Based Matrix

Using the Sharpe Age- and Wealth-Based gift planning matrix, we will provide  a customized plan of action for marketing and relationship building by segmenting your data by age and wealth. Your consultant will also help you identify what gift types would be best to communicate with each age and wealth group.

The matrix is an ideal tool for organizations of any size!

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How to Use Donor Data

A Donor Database

By including critical information about your donors that goes beyond their basic contact information, your donor database can be turned into a gold mine of fundraising opportunities.

Analysis of the Data

Enhanced donor records will also give you insights about prospective donors, potential donors, major donors and what fundraising strategies to use for targeting each of these groups.

Creating Gift Programs

With more information in your donor database, you can target specific gift vehicles to specific sets of charitable donors. This provides the opportunity to build meaningful relationships with your donors and steward them in a way that shows how much you appreciate their gifts.

Tracking the Donor’s Giving History

If you know each supporter’s history of individual donations, you will better understand when, how and why they give. This is critical in creating marketing campaigns that lead to more successful engagements and a better return on investment.

Sharpes Data Services and Wealth Screening

Sharpe’s Comprehensive Data Services go hand in hand with wealth screenings to help you create a more complete picture of your donors so you can craft more effective communication materials and campaigns.

For more information on Sharpe’s Comprehensive Data Services, contact your Sharpe Group consultant at 800.342.2375, via email at or submit the form below.