Sharpe Creative Team

Sharpe Group’s Creative Services Department is a talented team with diverse skill sets and years of experience producing compelling publications. Sharpe’s writers and editors excel in creating content that resonates with major gift prospects. Sharpe’s graphic artists specialize in designing layouts to educate and appeal to donors in both the print and digital mediums.

All communication forms and media are supported by an experienced team of production specialists who ensure the highest quality and continually research alternative packaging and delivery formats to attract higher open rates.

The creative team works closely with Sharpe consultants and our client partners to develop gift planning communication strategies, create targeted and informational content, write resonating donor profiles and design customized marketing publications in both the print and digital formats. They bring their extensive expertise to every stage of developing informative communication pieces that appeal to targeted donor groups for proven results.

ashley mchugh

Ashley McHugh is the content director for Sharpe Group, based in Greenville, South Carolina. She oversees the creation and review of all print and digital content for Sharpe Group clients and is actively involved in developing company marketing and communications materials as a writer and editor.

Since joining Sharpe in 1997, Ashley has had various roles, most recently as senior editor. She continues in this capacity creating custom publications and writing donor stories for long-term clients. A graduate of The University of Memphis with a degree in English, Ashley is also a contributor to Sharpe Insights and the Sharpe Group blog.

When she’s not wielding her red pen, Ashley can be found running, hiking, cooking or reading.

brenda gunner

Brenda Gunner is the stock editor at Sharpe Group. Joining the company in early 2020, Brenda is responsible for proofreading content and maintaining the style and branding of all print and digital materials. In addition, Brenda works with clients to create personalized publications through Sharpe’s ecommerce platform.

Brenda holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Arkansas and previously worked as a production manager with advertising agencies in Little Rock, Dallas and Memphis.

She is married and has two adult children and three crazy dogs. When she’s not researching AP Style, Brenda loves to cook, read and monogram just about anything.

debbie graham

Debbie Graham is Sharpe Group’s print production/packaging manager, where she manages all client and company printed communications.

Joining Sharpe in 2018, Debbie previously owned Graham Packaging & Design, working with a variety of clients including many of Schering-Plough’s subsidiaries such as Maybelline, Dr. Scholl’s and Coppertone Water Babies. For ten years, Debbie was the production director for Signature Advertising in Memphis.

Debbie loves working with a wide range of charities who “serve society.”

grant miller

Grant Miller is an editor for Sharpe Group, working with clients to create custom printed and digital communications. He has authored Sharpe Group blogs and is a contributor to Sharpe Insights.

An award-winning writer with more than 15 years of editing and teaching experience, Grant holds a Bachelor of Arts from The Evergreen State College and a Master of Fine Arts from The University of Alabama.

Outside of the office, Grant enjoys photography, cooking and spending time with his wife and son.

jenni proctor

Jenni Proctor is a Sharpe Group senior editor who has worked with clients to create customized print and digital communications pieces for almost 15 years. Jenni’s skills include interviewing donors and composing their stories, managing the design process for custom publications, editing web copy and overseeing print production for Sharpe booklets and brochures.

Jenni earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in communications from Judson University. She contributes her time to local nonprofits by designing in-house mailings, tutoring children, planning Cub Scouts fundraisers, volunteering at her children’s school and working on service projects. She loves the outdoors, especially swimming, paddle boarding and boating each weekend with her family.

will dixon

Will Dixon is a graphic designer creating custom graphic designs for newsletters, brochures, booklets and other marketing pieces for Sharpe Group and partners.

He is a graduate of the Cleveland Institute of Art with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in illustration. Before joining Sharpe Group in 2012, Will wrote and illustrated the Soul of a Samurai comic series for Image Comics and taught Illustration and Graphic Design at Fournier Learning Strategies.

Will practices Filipino Martial Arts and has taught in the Mid-South for more than 20 years.