Sharpe eNewsletters

Sharpe Group has been studying donor communications strategies for over 50 years. We know that a multi-channel marketing approach is necessary to effectively communicate with distinct age groups who may have different ways of getting information. We also know that more “touches” with a wider variety of communications mediums can improve overall engagement and is the best way to nurture a diverse donor base. The most successful donor marketing strategies speak to the right groups at the right times and with the right tools.


Who benefits from Sharpe eNewsletters?

Clients who distribute a print only newsletter and wish to drive more traffic to their Sharpe Gift Planning Websites will see more engagement from Sharpe’s eNewsletter. While we know that print provides a clear advantage to communicating with older donors, Sharpe’s eNewsletter will take your vital news and messaging into a digital platform that can reach more of your donor base and reduce overall mailing costs. Potential donors looking for more information can follow their interest onto your Sharpe Gift Planning Website. Your marketing campaigns will foster more engagement if you speak to your donors through the platforms they are comfortable with and provide ongoing inbound traffic to your planned giving website.

What we provide…

Sharpe offers a custom HTML email template, complete with your organization’s branding and design standards and complemented with our creative expertise to effectively communicate with your potential donors. Your eNewsletter copy will be written by the same Sharpe content experts who have provided quality donor communications materials to the nonprofit sector for decades. Sharpe’s eNewsletter template has been optimized for peak deliverability and reader experience. It can be imported into any email marketing management platform.

Interested in more information? Contact us online, call 800.342.2375, or email to connect with a knowledgeable Sharpe consultant about adding this service to your donor communications program.