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Let’s Spend Time With Lead Trusts – Pt 2

Time to take a closer look at the charitable lead annuity trust (CLAT). The CLAT comes in several flavors; we’re going to start with plain vanilla. The plain vanilla CLAT makes a fixed payout to charity at least annually (e.g., $25,000 a year) for a term prescribed by the donor and then, typically, distributes its …Read More

Let’s Spend Time with Lead Trusts – Pt 1

A lead trust is a trust that [1] makes payments to one or more charities for a donor-prescribed period, and then [2] distributes its assets to one or more persons. It’s called a lead trust because the charitable interest in the trust leads, or precedes in time, the non-charitable interest. Certain lead trusts work well …Read More

What Is an Inherited IRA?

By Jon Tidd This question is important for several reasons. One is that charities named as IRA beneficiaries are often required by IRA custodian financial institutions to establish inherited IRAs in order to receive the benefit to which the charity is entitled. The answer is provided by section 408(d)(3)(C)(ii) of the Internal Revenue Code: (ii) …Read More

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