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Are Planned Giving Newsletters Necessary for Fundraising Success?

A planned giving newsletter is one of the most effective ways to reach donors who can and will make planned gifts in the future. The first step is to identify who your donors are in terms of age, gender, marital status and wealth. It is critically important to identify your best prospects so you are …Read More

The Role of the Lawyer

As troubleshooter, advisor and draftsman, a lawyer will be involved in the largest gifts with the most complications stemming from asset selection. They serve as “Dr. No” when donors are determining the size of the gift or, perhaps, whether to give at death rather than during lifetime. Their only motive is protecting all interests of …Read More

To Accept or Not to Accept: The Importance of Gift Acceptance Policies

You are approached by someone previously unknown to your organization about a gift of a large sculpture. She explains that she has recently downsized, and the sculpture no longer suits her living space. She purchased it through her interior designer years ago. It is an odd gift, to be certain. With some tactful pressing, you …Read More

Sharpe Group Consultants Share the Most Unusual Gifts They Have Worked With

Anyone with a background in major and planned giving knows there is no limit to how creative donors can be in making gifts to an organization. Some unusual offerings require major and planned giving officers to get creative and find a way to structure the gift in a way that will be beneficial to both …Read More

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