Sharpe’s Comprehensive Data Services

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Who are your donors, and what influences their giving? Donors give different amounts and in different ways based on age, income, net worth and giving history. Through a deeper understanding of your donors’ motivations and their capacity to give, you can make more informed decisions when it comes to building relationships, developing marketing campaigns and creating specific targeting strategies.

Data Integrity

Sharpe’s Data Integrity Program is a quick and easy entry point to evaluate your donor data. We’ll statistically test your file and determine a percentage of completeness for age, gender, marital status, income and net worth. This program is ideal for larger organizations with 30,000 + data files.

Data Append

Data is critical to understanding each individual donor. If your files need to be updated, Sharpe Group can append your existing data with current age, gender, marital status, income and net worth. Having the most current data allows you to develop a list of prospects, successfully target your most receptive audience and analyze your completed marketing campaigns.

Additional options include:

  • For planned giving programs, we can include a deceased flag in the returned data append.
  • If your marketing CRM needs updating, we can provide landline and cell numbers and email addresses for an additional cost.

Age and Wealth-Based Matrix

sharpe group gift planning matrixFor more than 25 years, Sharpe Group has used our Gift Planning Matrix® to enhance our clients’ major and planned gift campaigns, mining their data for the best prospects.

The Matrix segments your donors into age and wealth categories, enabling you to efficiently and effectively create specific marketing, communications and relationship strategies for each group. For example, younger donors may be more responsive to digital media, whereas older donors may prefer print media. You’ll know who should be at the top of the list for a personal visit.

In addition to your personalized Matrix, we can deliver an advanced data analysis that offers a deeper review of your donors by examining their giving patterns and then segmenting key current and prospective donors for a particular gift plan.

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