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Gift Planning Matrix®

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A Proven Tool for Effective Target Marketing

Imagine knowing precisely how to allocate your resources (personnel, communications, budget, etc.) to achieve the best fundraising outcomes for your charitable organization! Sharpe Group can deliver a demographically segmented analysis report on your donor list, so you can strategically plan your marketing efforts for optimum results.

For more than 25 years, Sharpe Group has used its Gift Planning Matrix® to enhance both major and planned gift campaigns for its clients. Using this tool helps make your communications more efficient and effective by targeting content only to relevant donors, turning your database into a powerfully focused marketing tool.

The Gift Planning Matrix represents age ranges, wealth and giving capacity. Using the segmentation, you also can determine what types of gifts are most likely to be attractive to the donors who fall within certain age groups and giving-capacity levels. Further, the segmentation helps you qualify donors for blended giving opportunities.

The Matrix provides a visual picture of your database and enables you to plan and budget for the best marketing tactics, whether by assigning personnel or focusing on direct marketing through mail and/or digital channels. For example, younger donors may be more responsive to digital media, whereas older donors may prefer print media.

In addition to the Matrix, we can deliver an advanced data analysis that offers a deeper review of your donors using their giving patterns that then segments key current and prospective donors for a particular giving vehicle.

Find out more about this powerful way to turn your donor records into a successful fundraising tool. Ask your Sharpe Group consultant about more ways we can help you achieve results by employing our Gift Planning Matrix with your database.

For more information on the Sharpe Group Gift Planning Matrix, contact your Sharpe Group consultant at 800.342.2375 or email at moc.tenEPRAHS@ofni.