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SHARPE newkirk Gift Planning Matrix®

A Proven Tool for Effective Targeting

If you want to be able to reach targeted planned and major gift donors, you need to know what they are most likely to give and how best to communicate with them. Sharpe Group has a highly effective service that can turn your donor database into a powerful targeted marketing tool.

For over 25 years, SHARPE has been using a proven teaching device, the SHARPE newkirk Gift Planning Matrix, in our seminars, client staff training programs and in our consulting with larger clients. The Sharpe Matrix contains nine cells (3 x 3), with age on the horizontal axis and wealth on the vertical axis.

It offers a practical approach to developing strategies for donor segmentation and communication tactics. Thoroughly segmenting your database by age and wealth allows you to target donors with the most appropriate messaging and educational materials, through the most efficient and effective media channels and at the right time in your donors’ lives. This is the cornerstone of any successful current and deferred gift planning communications program.

If you are using the same content in multi-channel marketing efforts targeted at your entire database, you will be able to reduce communication costs by focusing content only to relevant donors. Targeting increases the likelihood that your communications will be read and responded to. Your communications will also benefit from increased deliverability through data cleansing.

Newly available wealth models developed in the social sciences have made it possible to append your Sharpe Matrix Code—A1-C3—to your donor database. The code can then be used to help more accurately segment the best prospects for particular gift development communication efforts.

The process of appending the Sharpe Matrix Score is simple. We will first segment your donor database. From that information, we place each of your donors into their proper categories using the SHARPE newkirk Gift Planning Matrix model. We analyze these findings, assign a code and then append that code to each contact in your database before returning the enhanced file to you.

It’s a powerful way to turn your donor information into a successful fundraising tool.

For more information, ask your Sharpe consultant about more ways we can help you achieve your mission through efficient planned and major gift fundraising.

Price: $5,250 (minimum for up to 10,000 records. Then, $98 per thousand additional records)

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