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Sharpe Group Is Celebrating National Poetry Month

When they aren’t writing compelling donor stories or editing engaging planned giving content, Sharpe Group’s talented writers like to flex their creative muscles in other ways through creative writing, photography, painting and more.

In honor of National Poetry Month, we’d like to share some poems they’ve written.

National Poetry Month

To Give and To Share

By Grant Miller, Sharpe Group Editor

Life’s twilight—a time to reflect and ponder.
The journeys you took, the roads you wandered.

The love you shared, people embraced.
The lessons learned, the problems faced.

As you plan for your loved ones, as you write out your will,
Have you considered your life’s purpose yet to fulfill?

What about the organizations, close to your heart,
That will continue their work, long after you depart?

Leaving a legacy with a cause you hold dear,
is a gift that keeps giving, year after year.

So let your heart guide you, to give and to share.
Let your light live on; by showing how much you care.

Bathed in Elegance

By Jenni Proctor, Sharpe Group Senior Editor

As she emerges, she composes

winter’s epitaph, ushering in pleasure

instead of mourning.

She awakens dormant exuberance

that quickly take flight.

Spring explodes, bragging in vibrant

visions, solely to be admired.

I happily oblige.

In awe.

In reverence.

“Bathed in Elegance” was recently selected as a finalist in a local sidewalk poetry contest for National Poetry Month and may appear along the pathways throughout the city of Germantown, TN.