Personalized Pocket Guides

Help Your Donors Make Gifts This Year

Ensure your donors and their advisors have materials to refer to when planning their gifts this year. Start a conversation about smart ways to give with up-to-date communications that detail donors’ options when deciding what—and how much—to give.

Sharpe Group has two 10-panel informational printed publications updated for 2022 that you can use to educate your donors, as well as your staff, volunteers and financial advisors in your area, about the most effective ways to make gifts to your organization. View the list of suggested uses for these handy guides.

New this year, both the “Federal Tax Pocket Guide” and “Your Personal Planning Guide” can be personalized and ordered online. Two cover styles are available, allowing you to personalize with an accent color and full-color logo with option 1 and also an image (choose from our gallery or upload your own) in option 2. Contact a Sharpe Group consultant for guidance on how to create a fully customized version of these booklets for your organization.

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2022 personalized pocket guides

Up-to-Date Personalized Pocket Guides

The 2022 edition of “Federal Tax Pocket Guide” features the most updated income tax and estate tax figures and is an ideal planning aid for attorneys, trust officers, financial planners, accountants and other centers of influence.

2022 federal tax pocket guide spread
2022 personal planning guide spread

The “2022 Personal Planning Guide” is the “consumer” version of the popular “Federal Tax Pocket Guide” and is packed with important planning tips for your donors and prospects.

Consider additional Sharpe tools to connect with financial and estate planning advisors such as the digital newsletter, The Advisor, and our exclusive Charitable Giving Tax Service.

How to Get Started

  1. Choose a title.

  2. Choose your cover style. If choosing a cover with an image from your own library, view our guidelines for digital art submission. Select a photo that meets the outlined specifications to ensure the quality of your product. Upon logging in to the store, you may choose from a group of pre-selected images in the photo bank.
  3. Review pricing chart (see below).
  4. You will need the following items to get started:
    • Photo (if you would like to use your own).
    • Logo for front cover.
    • Contact information.
    • Bill to/ship to information.
  5. Review the step-by-step instructions for creating and ordering your personalized publications.
  6. Sign up to obtain a username and password to create your personalized publications (if you don’t already have one).

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How To Use 2022 Personalized Pocket Guides:

  • Insert in acknowledgments for larger gifts all year long.
  • Enclose with gift proposals throughout 2022.
  • Enclose with periodic pledge reminders.
  • Feature in communications with gift recognition society members.
  • Use as follow-up piece for virtual donor visits.
  • Provide in literature racks along with other materials.
  • Distribute as an educational tool for volunteers and development staff.
  • Use as a special end-of-year mailing to major gift prospects next fall.