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Your donor is interested in learning more about estate planning, or charitable trust or protecting his rights. Quick—what do you do?

sharpe planned giving booklets

This one’s easy—offer thorough, up-to-date, readable Sharpe booklets on numerous topics your donors are interested in now.

More comprehensive than a brochure, each Sharpe booklet is crafted to ensure your donors have the latest, best and most accurate information about gift planning and gift plans.

All Sharpe Group booklets have been completely updated to reflect changes brought about by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017

Sharpe booklets have a long history of accuracy and readability. Geared to donors, each 16-page booklet features accurate information in a readable style and cover many popular topics such as giving through wills, trusts, gift annuities, securities, retirement plans and more. With any of Sharpe’s 20 booklets on a variety of gift planning topics, you can:

  • Choose several for donor follow-up
  • Select topics for staff education
  • Use one or several at donor events
  • Give them to advisors (each one has a technical section for professional advisors)
  • Use as a talking points aid and leave behind for donors

Like Sharpe brochures, booklets are designed to be overprinted with your institution’s identity on the front and/or on the back to create a near-custom look. Most booklets measure 4″x 9″ and fit into a #10 envelope.

Many booklets feature a Technical Advisory Section that offers details about taxes, gift structuring and other matters of special concern to donors’ advisors. These booklets facilitate gift planning by forming a channel for dialogue between donors and their advisors.

Choose from our designs and titles listed below, or we can work together to create a custom, one-of-a-kind booklet just for you.


Overview Booklets


[item title=”Planning for the Future”]
pftfnsp_75An overview of nine deferred giving options, this booklet helps you introduce bequests, gifts of remainders and gifts that result in a life income. “Planning for the Future” includes practical examples of how the gifts complement a donor’s overall financial and estate plan. Use with higher-interest prospects and others who have made planned gifts. The cornerstone for your planned gifts program. (#220A)

[item title=”Better Estate Planning”]
bepnsp_75This booklet begins with “What is estate planning?” and goes on to introduce popular planning tools and describe ways charitable giving can complement retirement and estate plans. (#610ZA)


Wills Booklets


[item title=”How to Make a Will that Works”]
htmawtwnsp_75This popular booklet features answers to 38 questions to stress the importance of a will. Charitable bequests are introduced at appropriate points in a low-key manner. An ideal follow-up booklet for a bequest awareness program or for other general purposes. (#140ZA)

[item title=”How to Protect Your Rights With a Will”]
htpyrwawnsp_75Everyone needs a will in order to claim important rights. Beginning with what can happen when there is no will, readers learn of a will’s value in managing property for the benefit of loved ones and in saving taxes. (#180ZA)

[item title=”37 Things People Know About Wills that Aren’t Really So”]
37things 2Fact replaces fiction in this look at 37 commonly held myths about wills. The misconceptions form an engrossing framework for discussion. Its attention-getting title makes “37 Things” a good offer in advertisements or mailings. (#110ZA)

[item title=”Giving Through Your Will”]
gtywnsp_75Helpful information for donors who think they might want to make charitable provisions in their wills. Includes the most common methods of giving by will along with forms that help readers organize their affairs. (#130ZA)


Additional Booklet Topics


[item title=”Giving Through Gift Annuities”]
gtgansp_75A thorough discussion of the role of gift annuities in retirement planning and in providing income for loved ones. May be ordered with or without current American Council on Gift Annuities rates (single life) on the back cover. (#211ZA)

[item title=”Giving Securities”]
gsnsp_75This booklet addresses gifts of property in general with emphasis on gifts of stocks, bonds, mutual funds and other securities—the most common forms for non-cash gifts. Major donors and prospects will appreciate the examples and guidance about how to make gifts of securities. (#310ZA)

[item title=”Giving Through Retirement Plans”]
gtrpnsp_75As more and more Americans reach retirement age, let this booklet remind donors that charitable gifts can be a part of many vehicles created for retirement security. Appropriate as follow-up to mailings or resource material at estate planning seminars. (#820ZA)

[item title=”Giving Through Living Trusts”]
gtltnsp_75Revocable living trusts are growing in popularity for managing assets during life and distributing them at death outside the probate process. This booklet links charitable giving with living trusts, showing donors how such trusts, wills and philanthropy can work together. (#410ZA)

[item title=”Giving Through Life Income Plans”]
gtlipnsp_75Review the process of deferred gift planning with emphasis on gift plans that provide an income for life or a term of years. Examples show approaches to solving typical estate planning dilemmas. An all-purpose booklet with many uses. (#430ZA)

[item title=”Giving Through Charitable Remainder Trusts”]
gtcrtnsp_75This booklet describes the benefits of charitable remainder unitrusts and annuity trusts in a clear and understandable manner. The emphasis is on what these trusts can accomplish for your donors, not on simply how they do it. Includes citations to guide advisors in the creation of charitable remainder trusts. (#450ZA)

[item title=”Giving Through Charitable Lead Trusts”]
gtcltnsp_75With today’s relatively low interest rates, lead trusts yield especially attractive tax benefits for many donors. Acquaint prospects and their advisors with this versatile but perhaps unfamiliar planning tool, attractive for generating a major charitable gift while having property ultimately returned to the donor or his or her heirs. (#460ZA)

[item title=”Giving Through Life Insurance”]
gtlinsp_75A review of ways to use life insurance to make charitable gifts, both current and deferred. Assignments of benefits, outright gifts and the uses of insurance to fund or guarantee pledges are discussed, along with ways life insurance may replace other assets used to make charitable gifts. (#510ZA)

[item title=”Giving Real Estate”]
grensp_75A companion piece to “Giving Securities,” this booklet emphasizes the many gift opportunities open to those who own highly appreciated real property. Donors in areas with rapidly increasing real estate values or who hold the majority of their wealth in real property will benefit from “Giving Real Estate.” (#710ZA)

[item title=”Personal Financial Affairs Record”]
pfarnsp_75Looking for something special to present to your best donors or contract holders? Here’s a helpful booklet of forms for recording important facts about its owner’s family, property, investments, estate plan and other financial affairs. Plenty of room for writing makes this piece something every recipient will want to complete and keep. (#730A). Also available in a larger format as a specialty booklet.

[item title=”Personal Financial Affairs Record (larger version)”]
affairslargensp_75This publication offers many of the same features as the 15-page version, but in a larger format (5.5″x8.5″) with an attractive full-color cover. It contains 20 pages of user-friendly forms to help your donors organize and list their important personal information such as the location of important documents, funeral instructions and charitable organizations that may be important to them. Your better donors will have ample room to record their information in this easy-to-follow booklet. (#170 SP). Also available as a standard 15 page booklet (#730A).


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