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Your donor is interested in learning more about estate planning, or charitable trust or protecting his rights. Quick—what do you do?

sharpe planned giving booklets

This one’s easy—offer thorough, up-to-date, readable Sharpe booklets on numerous topics your donors are interested in now.

More comprehensive than a brochure, each Sharpe booklet is crafted to ensure your donors have the latest, best and most accurate information about gift planning and gift plans.

All Sharpe Group booklets have been completely updated to reflect changes brought about by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017

Sharpe booklets have a long history of accuracy and readability. Geared to donors, each 16-page booklet features accurate information in a readable style and cover many popular topics such as giving through wills, trusts, gift annuities, securities, retirement plans and more. With any of Sharpe’s 20 booklets on a variety of gift planning topics, you can:

  • Choose several for donor follow-up
  • Select topics for staff education
  • Use one or several at donor events
  • Give them to advisors (each one has a technical section for professional advisors)
  • Use as a talking points aid and leave behind for donors

Like Sharpe brochures, booklets are designed to be overprinted with your institution’s identity on the front and/or on the back to create a near-custom look. Most booklets measure 4″x 9″ and fit into a #10 envelope.

Many booklets feature a Technical Advisory Section that offers details about taxes, gift structuring and other matters of special concern to donors’ advisors. These booklets facilitate gift planning by forming a channel for dialogue between donors and their advisors.

Choose from our designs and titles listed below, or we can work together to create a custom, one-of-a-kind booklet just for you.


Overview Booklets

Planning for the Future

Better Estate Planning

Wills Booklets

How to Make a Will that Works

How to Protect Your Rights With a Will

37 Things People Know About Wills that Aren't Really So

Giving Through Your Will

Additional Booklet Topics

Giving Through Gift Annuities

Giving Securities

Giving Through Retirement Plans

Giving Through Living Trusts

Giving Through Life Income Plans

Giving Through Charitable Remainder Trusts

Giving Through Charitable Lead Trusts

Giving Through Life Insurance

Giving Real Estate

Personal Financial Affairs Record

Personal Financial Affairs Record (larger version)

Request samples here, review Sharpe brochures or download order form for Sharpe booklets and brochures.

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