Sharpe Plan Writing

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Are you confident that your current donor communications plan will deliver the quantifiable results that your nonprofit needs? Are you having success achieving metrics… but not getting the money into your endowment? Or are you spending your marketing budget without receiving any of the results you expected? Sharpe consultants are available to craft a custom communications plan tailored specifically to your donor file, focused on producing the quantifiable results you need.

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What You Get

Our approach starts by matching your donor file to the Sharpe Gift Planning MatrixR. Instead of struggling through the strategies, tactics and vendors that make your job difficult and produce unpredictable results, get the program and support designed for your needs, with an experienced team who cares about your success. By leveraging quantifiable data, we’ll show you the exact types of donor communication programs that will produce the results your nonprofit is looking for – gifts that will ensure the financial future of your organization. [/div2] [div2 class=”one_half last”]

What Your Plan Might Cover

Marketing agencies are telling you to use social media, but do Facebook “likes” produce gifts within your timeframe? Or are you delivering vanity metrics to your board? Are email blasts effective? What about microsites? Events? Direct mail? Face-to-face meetings? The reality is that each of these play a specific role – some build awareness, some drive small immediate gifts and some produce the gifts that move the needle. Our plan will recommend the right combination of communication vehicles to meet your immediate and future goals. [/div2] [/div]