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Many organizations find it rewarding to establish a relationship with area financial advisors to help them keep charitable giving options top of mind with their clients. Sharpe Group has developed a digital newsletter targeted specifically for financial advisors and tax experts to provide them with information on how charitable giving can fit into their clients’ overall estate planning.

The Advisor is published six times a year, every other month, and includes relevant IRS rulings and court cases, tables and charts and the Philanthropy Puzzler. Organizations can brand The Advisor with their logo and contact information, providing advisors with timely and valuable information to share with their clients who have charitable intent.

Each organization will receive a custom URL that will be linked in each issue of the digital newsletter. Recipients will be directed to a branded website containing the latest content from The Advisor.

The new service is available for annual contracts and includes an electronic survey for recipients with each issue. For an added fee, we can provide the email service to send each issue to your contacts.

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Other tools available to connect with your local advisors:

Advantages of Working With Advisors

A regular program of providing advisors with the latest trends in the field and information about legislation, court cases and IRS rulings can make a planned giving officer and their organization an invaluable resource.

It is important for gift officers to generate goodwill and familiarize advisors who might otherwise dissuade a client from using a particular charitable technique.

There may be circumstances where a client with no affinity to a particular organization might benefit by including a charitable vehicle in his or her plans. The advisor can be in the position to recommend an organization based on the advisor’s experience with the planned gift officer.

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