Giving of Themselves

Many would agree education opens doors and provides opportunities. Perhaps Socrates said it best when he wrote, “Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.” Anne and Bob Simmons support the mission of United Ministries with generous gifts annually. They have made a legacy gift in Bob’s estate plan to continue their support in the future. “United Ministries serves people who have not had the privilege to finish high school,” shared Bob. “A good education helps you attain a better life in so many ways. It’s just the beginning.”

Bob and Anne look back to their parents as ones who modeled giving and service in their daily lives. Bob’s father was a doctor who provided medical skills to the local Boy Scouts. His mother volunteered at Shriner’s Hospital, and they supported many charities financially. Anne’s “happy loving” family was active in the church and their community. “We knew where our priorities were,” said Anne.

Bob and Anne met at church, where they are active members. From pricing items for an annual yard sale, to planting trees and flowers on church grounds, to organizing a library, the couple devotes both time and energy to support the church’s work. Appreciating the benefits of education at any age, Anne and Bob love to travel and have visited the Holy Land numerous times on educational trips. “Each trip we learn something new,” said Anne. “Travel is an education in itself—it keeps you young,” added Bob.

With Bob and Anne’s philanthropy, opportunities are provided, doors are opened, and flames are kindled for those who need it most. In this case, Bob said it best: “We can’t be a passive presence in the world. Giving, whether it’s your time, your money or both… it’s what’s important.”