Trends in Planned Giving – ACGA Annual Conference Presentation By Robert F. Sharpe, Jr.

If you attended Robert F. Sharpe, Jr.’s opening symposium presentation titled Trends in Planned Giving at the ACGA Annual Conference on April 9, 2014, the presentation deck is available here for download.

Symposium Summary

We are now in the sixth year of fundraising in a time of unprecedented change in the funding environment. It is now becoming increasingly clear that it may be years, if ever, before we are back to business as usual. The combination of a rapidly aging donor population, budget deficits, low interest rates, stock market fluctuations, proposed new taxes on amounts given to charity and the elimination of the federal estate tax for 99.9 percent of all Americans will mean inevitable changes in how donors will make planned gifts, especially larger ones, in coming months and years. When working with the emerging Baby Boomer generation how can we encourage gifts that will produce the most funds in the shortest period of time? Learn why counterintuitive approaches may be more productive in an increasingly competitive environment.

Presentation Download

Here are the slides for download:

Trends in Planned Giving by Robert Sharpe – ACGA 2014 Opening Symposium Presentation

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