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Posted January 9th, 2022

5 Ways To Help You Start the New Year Strong

5 Ways To Help You Start the New Year StrongHere are a few simple things you don’t want to put off or overlook as you plan fundraising strategies for 2022.

  1. Encourage donors to plan gifts early to take advantage of tax benefits.
  2. Consider targeting certain donors for the most appropriate gifts for their demographic profile (income, wealth, age, etc.) and gift history. For example:

    • Charitable IRA gifts early in the year.
    • Noncash gifts, such as stocks or other valuable property.
    • Gifts through a will or trust and simple remainders.
    • Gifts that can provide income to the donor or others.

    Sharpe Group has several communication pieces to help you educate your donors on the best ways to give for their circumstances.

  3. Monitor possible tax law changes.
  4. While the Build Back Better legislation failed to become law in 2021, we expect a new version will be proposed early in the new year or provisions from the larger bill will be included in a series of separate legislative packages. Be sure to advise donors to check with their advisors on provisions that may affect them.

  5. Thank your donors for 2021 giving.
  6. Don’t miss this vital step. Personal, handwritten notes are one of the most important ways to show your appreciation. Be sure to let donors know what their gifts accomplished during 2021 and how they can make a difference in 2022. There are many other ways beyond the thank-you note to show your donors you appreciate them.

  7. Review gift acceptance policies to ensure they reflect today’s environment.
  8. What will be accepted or who is authorized to accept gifts and provisions for named or restricted gifts are a few of the issues you may wish to periodically revisit. Time spent on solid policies today can prevent problems down the road. Make sure your minimum age and gift amounts still make sense.

  9. Review all marketing and donor communications materials.
  10. Review communications materials in light of current legislation and economic conditions and any changes you may decide to make in minimum gift amounts, ages or types of property that are acceptable. Make sure that you are presenting examples that are still realistic. Prepare or purchase materials with a view toward shelf life. Look for materials that present useful information while “writing around” possible changes and avoid unnecessary detail that could render them obsolete in the event of economic fluctuations and/or changes in tax laws.

We’d love to hear some of your top tips for a new year. What’s worked for you this past year? Contact us at info@sharpegroup.org.


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