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Posted June 21st, 2021

Continuing the Legacy, Crafting the Vision

Continuing the Legacy, Crafting the VisionFor the past couple of weeks since I joined the Sharpe Group team, I have been immersing myself in Sharpe’s mission, vision and history. And what a history! The more I learn, the more honored I am to be a part of this team.

Sharpe Group, soon to be 60 years strong, was founded by Bob Sharpe Sr., a forward-thinking individual who is credited with coining the term “planned giving.” The Sharpe Group team continues Bob’s legacy by dedicating our experience to helping nonprofits of all sizes and missions aid their donors in structuring and blending current and deferred gifts that are most advantageous for the charity as well as the donor.

It’s a daunting mantle to take, for sure. But I am confident that Sharpe Group’s future is as bright as its legacy. Sharpe Group has teams across the country dedicated to working with our nonprofit clients to bring leading-edge strategies for ensuring short-term growth and long-term sustainability. Many of the tools developed by Sharpe Group are specifically designed to deliver strategic insights into donor information as well as tactical and easy-to-use tools and resources to deliver results.

As we emerge from COVID, look for Sharpe Group to introduce new and exciting tools that will harness the power of artificial intelligence to examine complex data and predictive analytical tools to deliver powerful development strategies.

We are also expanding our suite of digital technology and communication tools.

Today, more than ever, our clients rely on Sharpe Group to deliver valuable insights and strategies along with the next generation of mission-critical tools to ensure that our nonprofit clients continue to raise more and larger gifts.

By Eric Eilertsen, Sharpe Group President

Sharpe Group editor Grant Miller spoke with Eric about his new position and his vision for Sharpe Group’s future. Read the interview here.

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