As Our Country Is Getting Older, What Does That Mean for the Nonprofit Community? | Sharpe Group
Posted June 3rd, 2024

As Our Country Is Getting Older, What Does That Mean for the Nonprofit Community?

The numbers give us some direction:

None of this is completely surprising, as we have long been hearing about the predicted wealth transfer that is now actually occurring in our country. As fundraising consultants, we have seen fewer donors making larger gifts in recent years, and this trend will only continue. Therefore, it’s critical to reach the right people at the right time and identify those who are most passionate about your mission. 

Are you doing everything to ensure that your charity is equipped to best benefit from the aging of America? Does your charity’s leadership understand the value of planned giving and its significant impact long-term?

Our clients who have seen the most fundraising success have benefited from using the Sharpe Wholistic Solution® combined with the National Association of Charitable Gift Planners’ National Standards for Gift Planning Success. Because of Sharpe Group’s depth of experience gained from working with thousands of nonprofits over the last 60+ years, we have built a metrics model that allows our clients to measure their progress against other nonprofit organizations and report it to their leadership.

Joe Chickey, MBA, CFP, is a senior vice president and senior consultant. You can connect with Joe via LinkedIn or at

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