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Posted April 28th, 2020

Don’t Forget to Write

During this ongoing crisis with COVID-19, many of your donors may be sitting at home as well and could be thinking about their own mortality. Some online planning websites for wills have seen dramatic increases in traffic for those who want to update their plans.

Yet some of your older donors may not be so technically savvy, and they may contact their advisors as soon as this crisis passes. After taking care of loved ones, some people also include a provision for charity in their long-range plans; please let them know that such gifts are sincerely appreciated. A short personal note or card may help your donors remember your organization and how much you appreciate them.

Though phone calls are a key element of keeping in touch when you cannot visit, remember that a handwritten personal note carries much more weight. Why? Because a donor “knows” it took you both time and emotional effort to write the note before mailing it, and they now have a physical piece of paper to carry with them to their advisor(s). They won’t forget your expression of kindness and thanks.

Our older generations (including those as young as the Baby Boomers) grew up with daily mail being one of the most important events of each day. That sense of anticipation and appreciation for personal notes has not waned.

So, don’t forget to write and let your donors know your concern for them!

By Lewis von Herrmann, Sharpe Group Senior Consultant

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