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Posted May 7th, 2024

Focus on the Gym Shoes

Gym Shoes

While the final months of the year are often the busiest for charities from a fundraising perspective, this year there’s going to be another focus (a presidential election) that will at best fill up your donors’ voicemail, inbox and mailbox with campaign messages and at worst distract them from making their gifts.

With 2024 well underway, we find ourselves in a divided country. Both for-profit and nonprofit organizations and institutions are dealing with unprecedented political and social challenges and are being called upon to take a position. For charities, sometimes this is implied in your mission. Other times, you might get pulled into the fray.

As consultants, we are asked how to best navigate times like these. No matter what is happening in this country or even the world, there’s still money that must be raised to accomplish your mission.

Michael Jordan famously said, “… both Republicans and Democrats buy gym shoes.” This year-end, focus on the gym shoes (your mission) and why, now more than ever, your donors’ support is critical. Make a special effort to build and sustain relationships with your most committed donors and thank them again for their ongoing support. Show them how they can make the most of their year-end gifts with tax savings in mind. These simple practices will pay dividends for 2024 and beyond.

Matt Czyl is a senior consultant for Sharpe Group, helping his nonprofit clients with planned giving marketing. You can connect with Matt at or via LinkedIn.

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