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Posted February 9th, 2022

Remembering Robert F. Sharpe Jr.

(l to r) Barlow Mann, Bruce Edenton and Robert Sharpe at 50th reunion of Memphis University School.

In addition to being a long-time colleague, Barlow Mann was a lifelong friend and a classmate of Robert F. Sharpe Jr. He shares a few heartfelt thoughts about Robert’s contribution to his family and community.

Every individual is unique and has their own special way of sharing their time, talent and treasure. Some individuals use their natural attributes to have a profound impact on their families, friends and colleagues.

Robert F. Sharpe Jr. was such a person.

Robert maximized his use of time (some would say he bent time to meet his needs), often arriving at a podium to speak to an audience of eager fundraisers or at the gate of a departing flight out of breath because he had rushed to be there. He cherished taking a red eye where he could have uninterrupted work time, as he did some of best work on airplanes.

Robert’s talents were many because of his “Sharpe” mind (and he loved puns and riddles to be solved).

Robert generously shared his treasure, as he was a true thought leader in the philanthropic world.

Above all, Robert was a loving husband and father, devoted to his family and his many friends and colleagues.

He will be deeply missed.


Barlow T. Mann

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