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Posted June 13th, 2024

The Power of Partnering

Over our 60+ year history, Sharpe Group has worked with thousands of nonprofit organizations of all sizes and across a multitude of missions. One thing is constant: The Sharpe team is committed to making our world a better place through our work.

It is often said there is strength in numbers, and we’ve found that facilitating partnerships with organizations of similar missions can be very beneficial. I witnessed this firsthand with an organization I began consulting with earlier this year.

My client is a faith-based organization whose mission is discipleship in the Middle East and Eastern Africa. Since my church is part of a global organization whose mission is very similar, it made sense to connect them.

After an introduction and a Zoom call across continents, the two organizations are having ongoing conversations, sharing resources and best practices to both their benefits. More important is the extended outreach of discipleship and assistance to those in need. I was proud and gratified that I was able to have a part in that connection.

Another way we can create partnerships is through our in-person seminars.

One of the main benefits of meeting in person is that our participants learn from each other as well as from our curriculum. It’s one of our conscious teaching strategies. We accomplish this by:

  • Limiting our enrollment to allow for meaningful interaction.
  • Including case studies with small group discussions expanding to class-wide reviews.
  • Providing access to Sharpe Group staff over the course of the seminar to allow specific questions to be answered.
  • Presenting compelling and meaningful content and applying it in an interactive manner.
  • Sharing our presenters’ expertise and enhancing it with lessons learned from our attendees.

Want more information on our seminars and the power of partnering with Sharpe Group and other organizations? Reach out today.

Matt Czyl is a senior consultant for Sharpe Group, helping his nonprofit clients with planned giving marketing. You can connect with Matt at or via LinkedIn.

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