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Posted April 2nd, 2019

What to Do When the Donor Dies

Planned giving officers must at some point deal with death and the emotional, legal and financial issues that arise when a donor passes away. The March/April 2019 issue of Give & Take features a panel discussion with me and my colleagues, Laura Knitt and John Jensen, on some of the most commonly asked questions we get regarding estate settlement. For more detailed coverage of this issue, here are links to each article from a six-part series I wrote for Give & Take in 2012.

Part One: What to Do When a Donor Dies

Part Two: Memorial Gifts

Part Three: Understanding Estate Administration Rights and Responsibilities of Charitable Beneficiaries

Part Four: Check the Numbers

Part Five: Collecting Gifts From Retirement Plans, Insurance, Pay-on-Death Accounts and Life Income Arrangements

Part Six: Sticky Issues

If you have estate settlement questions you’d us to address on this blog, please email info@SHARPEnet.com with “estate settlement” in the subject line. We may address your concern in a future blog post.

By Aviva Shiff Boedecker, SHARPE newkirk Senior Consultant

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