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Today, our means of communication has evolved from face-to-face meetings and phone calls on a landline into Zoom chats and ordering groceries on a smartphone. Staying in touch with your donors is more important than ever.

Studies show 85% of consumers prefer to receive a text message vs. a voice call or an email. Permission and access to texting is now a normal part of everyday lives. With communication channels and preferences rapidly changing, it may be time to add Sharpe Mobile Messaging to your fundraising toolbox.

With Mobile Messaging, you will:

  • Engage followers to become active, opt-in supporters.
  • Deliver timely content that engages and inspires.
  • Improve open rates vs current email communications by 300%.
  • Share your mission story effectively.

Mobile Messaging vs. Email Communications

  • Passionate donors opt-in to messages with the intent to stay.
  • No third party ranking your content.
  • Stay top of mind.
  • Nothing to distract from your call to action.
  • Open rates for texts are 300% greater than for email communications.
  • 86% of consumers prefer to receive a text message vs. a voice call or an email.
  • 82% say they open every text they receive.
  • Consumers are 450% more likely to take action on a text message than an email.

Sharpe’s Mobile Messaging Service is much more than just another communication tool for you to reach your donors. Our talented team will help you create your mobile strategy and then produce the content and execute the plan under your unique number.

Mobile Messaging includes:

  • Campaign development and scheduling.
  • Creation of a series of messages, including copywriting and editing.
  • Execution of message campaign.
  • Creation and guidance of audience growth strategy.

Choose between our six-month and 12-month campaign packages.

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