Sharpe Personalized Publications

Use our online platform to personalize and order printed brochures targeted to your donors—uniquely styled with colors and images that brand your message and your mission.

Personalized Brochures

Choose an accent color and cover image from the provided selections to create a brochure that aligns with your fundraising strategy and fits your organization. Upload your own image and your full-color logo to personalize both the front and back of your brochure.

personal publications covers

How to Get Started

  1. Choose a title.

  2. Preview the photo bank or choose an image from your own library. View our guidelines for digital art submission. Select a photo that meets the outlined specifications to ensure the quality of your product.
  3. Review pricing chart (see below).
  4. You will need the following items to get started:
    • Photo (if you would like to use your own).
    • Logo(s) for front and/or back panel.
    • Contact information or additional messaging for the back panel.
    • Bill to/ ship to information.
  5. Review the step-by-step instructions for creating and ordering your personalized publications.
  6. Sign up to obtain a username and password to create your personalized publications.

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Personalized Publications Pricing

Looking for a title or topic that is not listed here? Consider our full catalog of custom, imprinted and special publications. Contact us to discuss your needs or request a sample of any of our available titles.