Sharpe Personalized Publications

Use our online platform to personalize and order printed brochures, pocket guides and booklets targeted to your donors—uniquely styled with colors and images that brand your message and your mission.

Personalized Brochures

These six-panel printed brochures can be personalized online with custom images, accent color and your logo and contact information. Choose from a variety of gift planning topics including an estate planning quiz, gifts from retirement accounts, pet trusts and more.

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Personalized Pocket Guides

Sharpe’s 10-panel pocket guides (“Federal Tax Pocket Guide” and “Your Personal Planning Guide”) are updated annually for interest rates and tax law changes and contain detailed technical information to help your donors make the most of their gifts. Choose from multiple cover styles.

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Personalized Booklets

Sharpe’s comprehensive booklets include helpful information for donors and advisors to make the most efficient gifts. They can now be personalized and ordered online so you can add your own color image, logo and contact information. Each booklet is printed with a QR code linked to a landing page for donors to share with their advisors containing up-to-date, relevant IRS regulations and other in-depth information.

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