2024 Year-End Library

Year-End Giving Brochures 2024


Giving at Year-End 2024*

A short-format brochure that includes charitable giving ideas for both current and future gifts to help your donors meet personal and philanthropic goals.

2024 Year-End Giving Quiz*

A short-format brochure that offers a brief overview of different giving methods and timing considerations presented in an engaging quiz format.

Year-End Giving Booklets 2024


2024 Year-End Giving Guide*

A long-format booklet that explains numerous giving options and illustrates the advantages of each gift method so donors can determine the most beneficial way to complete their charitable gifts this year.

The Benefits of Giving Securities at Year-End*

A long-format booklet that details the advantages of making gifts of appreciated property including examples of tax savings and other strategies for reducing capital gains.

*New for 2024! Includes a QR code link to a Gift Calculator that allows donors to explore the tax savings of giving appreciated assets.

Year-End Giving Pocket Guides 2024

Pocket Guides

Your Guide to Federal Taxes 2024

A year-end version of the popular Federal Tax Pocket Guide featuring income and estate tax figures for use by your advisor network of attorneys, trust officers, financial planners and accountants.

Tax and Estate Planning Guide 2024

One of the most popular pocket guides, packed with important financial information and planning tips for donors as they consider their year-end gifts.

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Year-End Giving Pocket Guides 2024