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Posted April 27th, 2016

The Emergence of Blended Gifts

The term “blended gift” generally refers to different ways individuals can make significant charitable gifts. As the baby boomers first began to approach the age range when most charitable gifts are planned and implemented, they were more inclined to structure larger charitable gifts differently from previous generations. They used “blended gifts” in an effort to provide both near term and future benefits for charitable recipients, while also serving as a welcome component of plans to help ensure the long-term financial security of a client and/or loved ones. Robert F. Sharpe, Jr. predicted this trend in 1995 after analyzing the differences in this generation vs. previous generations.

But how do you structure blended gifts to maximize long-term gift potential for the organization, and income, gift and estate tax savings for donors? Take a look at Robert Sharpe’s recent Trusts & Estates article that explores various ways to structure blended gifts, as well as the historical and demographic contributors to this trend in giving. This article is particularly useful for professional advisors who are looking for ways to help their clients understand and make blended gifts.

Click here for the Trusts & Estates article.

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