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The “Five P’s” of Estate Planning

Though most people understand it’s important to ensure their long-term affairs are in order, many of your donors may not be sure where to start. Here are a few tips to share to ensure your donors’ plans reflect their wishes. Suggest the donor carefully consider their estate using the “Five P’s” of estate planning. People: Loved …Read More

The Challenge of Success

Philanthropically minded donors have the highest giving capacity and can stress test the adequacy of an institution’s gift acceptance policies. While any institution would be thrilled to have donors of vast resources to achieve a charitable mission, there are complications. Last July, Jeff Bezos committed $200 million for the support of various programs and capital …Read More

Gift Annuity Program: To Start or Not To Start?

What factors must be considered before starting an in-house gift annuity program? Consider these guidelines: State regulations for gift annuities vary drastically, so first, review your state’s requirements. Several states, particularly New York and California, have strict regulations to qualify for a program and have ongoing requirements that involve reserves, reporting and compliance. Be certain …Read More

Remembering Robert F. Sharpe Jr.

In addition to being a long-time colleague, Barlow Mann was a lifelong friend and a classmate of Robert F. Sharpe Jr. He shares a few heartfelt thoughts about Robert’s contribution to his family and community. Every individual is unique and has their own special way of sharing their time, talent and treasure. Some individuals use …Read More

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