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Posted April 21st, 2022

Connecting Through Mobile Messaging

Work and personal preferences are changing. These days we expect instant access and information to our interests and hobbies–from exercise tips and sports scores to social causes and work being done by our favorite nonprofits.

Our means of communication has evolved from face-to-face meetings and phone calls on a landline into Zoom chats and ordering groceries on a smartphone. The digital age is as much a part of the nonprofit community as it is our world. Whereas once we  communicated to our donors through direct mail, email, in-person visits and special events and TV and radio, new engagement channels include streaming services, podcasts, social communications, apps and direct-to-phone text messaging.

Nonprofits and social causes invoke passion, but passion can fade unless followers are engaged regularly. Staying in touch with your donors is more important than ever, and the benefits of using mobile messaging as a communications channel are many. Consider these advantages of mobile messaging:

  • Passionate consumers opt in with the intent to stay when it comes to text messages. How many of us have inadvertently signed up for emails that we don’t want?
  • It is not necessary to download an app or create an account which makes texting very user friendly.
  • Consumer journeys are entirely in your control, and text messaging improves mission education across a wide donor base.
  • The immediateness of mobile messaging allows you to communicate mission needs, a time-sensitive call to action and multiple engagement strategies.
  • Studies show that text messaging being instant delivery have a 90%+ open rate.
  • Your organization stays top of mind and the recipient can act now or later.

The research backs this.

Mobile messaging pairs well with other communication channels (print and digital) in a strategy to reach a wide audience. It’s an essential part of a wholistic communications plan designed to raise large gifts.

Sharpe Group now offers a mobile messaging service with two package options to choose from that will best suit your organization’s needs. Our new Mobile Messaging service features a comprehensive marketing campaign strategy, copywriting and editing of customized targeted messages, creation and execution of your message campaign, your audience growth strategy and more. Click here to see a demo of a creative mobile messaging campaign.

By Jana Lawyer, Sharpe Group Senior Consultant


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