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Posted June 25th, 2024

Notes From the CFO: The Economic Return From Ongoing Training

The landscape of planned giving is always changing, requiring a depth of knowledge, expertise and adaptability.

In addition to being excellent relationship managers, gift planners must have knowledge of:  

  • shifting demographics.
  • changing tax laws.
  • economic conditions.
  • technological advancements.
  • best practices, and more.

When it comes to budgeting and a desire for a favorable return on investment, it’s essential that organizations prioritize the development and training of their gift planners to equip them with the tools, resources and insights needed to be successful in an ever-changing landscape.

It seems every time I’m asked to speak at a nonprofit conference, the importance of employee morale comes up. Telling someone that they are valuable and doing a great job costs nothing, but the value can be immense.

Studies consistently validate that employee turnover is far less for nonprofits that grow, develop and appreciate their employees, and this is especially true for planned giving officers who are stewarding your most important donor group, where consistency is key to building long-term relationships.

To meet these needs, Sharpe Group offers ongoing one-on-one coaching through monthly consulting as well as training for all levels of experience and all budgets. For large organizations and institutions, we can bring our experts to you, allowing you to customize your training for staff, leadership, board and even volunteers. Our Virtual Academy facilitates learning without leaving your office. And our in-person seminars (two-day and the three-day SUMMIT), with updated tax law information and interactive sessions, are regarded as some of the best opportunities for those new to the field as well as those who need advanced training.

Bob Mims, CPA, CGMA, is CFO and one of our expert presenters at Sharpe Seminars. You can connect with Bob at or via LinkedIn.

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