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Posted September 26th, 2017

Making the Most Generous Time of the Year Work for Your Organization

As many fundraisers know, the last three months of the year can be the most productive time period for nonprofit fundraising. This may be especially true this year. With record highs in the stock market, charitable giving up and continuing to rise, and tax reform discussions looming, it may be particularly important to encourage more gifts before December 31st this year.

Here are some Sharpe Group articles and posts we’ve shared with a treasure of information on why year-end fundraising is so important and some strategies and tools for making this a banner year for gifts to your organization.

“Planning Your Year-End Fundraising Calendar,” August 2017 Give & Take

“Why Year-End Is the Most Generous Time of the Year,” October 2016 Give & Take

Click here for tools for encouraging year-end giving.

Year-end is also a particularly good time of the year to encourage gifts of stock and gifts from retirement plans.

In addition, here’s an article we published in the December 2015 Give & Take that looks at some science behind charitable giving.

All of us at Sharpe Group wish you luck in your year-end fundraising. Please contact us is you have other questions about year-end or planned giving fundraising.

By Barlow T. Mann

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