100 and Counting

The number of the super-senior population (85 and older) is rapidly growing, and the 100+ population is among the fastest growing segments.

As a result, gift planners interacting with the super-senior population need to better understand the mental and physical health of those who are increasingly likely to live to 100 or beyond.

According to the Journals of Gerontology Medical Sciences, 2015, almost one-quarter of those reaching the age of 100 do so with no self-reported diseases. Approximately one in six say they have no difficulty with activities such as walking, climbing stairs and daily tasks such as bathing and dressing. More than half (55 percent) remain mentally alert.

People are living healthier and longer lives, creating an opportunity for gift planners to pay special attention to those in their 80s, 90s and 100s. Many in this group are mentally and physically capable of continuing to participate in philanthropic activities and/or making long-range plans, such as changing their will or trust or accelerating a bequest provision into a lifetime gift so they can witness the impact.

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