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Footnotes for Gift Planners

Posted May 1st, 2000

Giving in financially turbulent times As stock markets fluctuate, unprecedented amounts of wealth continue to be created and lost on a daily basis. In this environment, many donors who are also investors may be unaware of special strategies that can help with their financial and gift planning, regardless of the direction the economy turns. If …Read More

Commitment to His Institution Is Key for Gift Planner

Posted May 1st, 2000

In this month’s “Gift Planner Profile,” we talk with John Shafer, director of development at Wyoming Seminary in Pennsylvania. Having spent most of his life at the school— 12 years as a student and 25 years working as an alumni and development professional— Mr. Shafer shares his unique perspective on fund raising for an institution …Read More

Planning Matters

Posted May 1st, 2000

Under federal tax law, an interest rate factor that can change on a monthly basis must be used when calculating the tax benefits of various types of gifts. This rate information is available from software vendors and financial publications such as The Wall Street Journal, and is sometimes referred to as the “Section 7520 Rate” …Read More

Do You and Your Donors See Eye to Eye?

Posted May 1st, 2000

Most gift planners are aware that the number of older Americans is growing dramatically. There are currently more than 34 million Americans over age 65. In the next 20 years, over 70 million more people will turn 65, with that number including a large portion of the current donor base of America’s charitable organizations and …Read More

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