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A Year-End Bonus?

Posted July 1st, 2004

Year-end giving may receive an unexpected boost from this year’s presidential election. Regardless of one’s personal party affiliation or preference, the stock market tends to rise in election years. A rising stock market usually benefits charitable giving in two ways. First, there is a psychological boost from the so-called “wealth effect.” People may feel better …Read More

Back to Basics: Receiving Bequests Distributions

Posted July 1st, 2004

Question: A donor made a charitable bequest to our organization in her will. How long after her death can we expect to wait for the distribution from her will? Answer: For simple estates, plan for a one-year timeline. The executor of a will is expected to administer the estate in a “timely fashion” in accordance …Read More

Planning Matters

Posted July 1st, 2004

After several years of interest rates trending downward, on June 30th the Federal Reserve raised its benchmark interest rate charged to banks by .25% to 1.25%, the first increase in four years. It now appears likely that short-term interest rates will continue to rise gradually in coming months. Mortgage rates have also begun to climb from levels …Read More

Giving Reaches Record Level

Posted July 1st, 2004

Newly released Giving USA 2004 figures for calendar year 2003 indicate that total giving in the United States reached an estimated $240.73 billion. This figure represents a new record for philanthropic giving in America in the wake of a period of economic slowdown, and it may bode well for continued growth in 2004. Of particular …Read More

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