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Entering the Matrix—Easy as ABC and 123

Posted April 3rd, 2017

by Barlow Mann Most fundraisers have a grasp of who their largest and most generous contributors are at present but are not necessarily sure where to find their leading donors in coming years. The Sharpe KnowledgeBase® has continually evolved over the past 54 years and has been the foundation of several tools designed to assist fundraisers …Read More

100 and Counting

Posted April 3rd, 2017

The number of the super-senior population (85 and older) is rapidly growing, and the 100+ population is among the fastest growing segments. As a result, gift planners interacting with the super-senior population need to better understand the mental and physical health of those who are increasingly likely to live to 100 or beyond. According to …Read More

The Charitable IRA Boom

Posted April 3rd, 2017

The Charitable IRA provision offers an attractive giving option for those aged 70½ or older. Here are a few reasons why you should be encouraging these gifts. While many have speculated about the Boomer Bequest Boom, the reality is that it will be a decade or more before significant funds begin to be received at …Read More

Who Has the Keys to Your Digital Assets?

Posted April 3rd, 2017

by John Jensen A new model law aims to address issues of access to digital accounts in estate plans. Most of us have a growing number of digital accounts, ranging from social media to family photos to virtual wallets (PayPal, Bitcoin, etc.), that are stored in the cloud or on smart phones or tablets. In fact, …Read More

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