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Posted August 1st, 1999

IRS announces crack down on split-dollar insurance As reported in the April issue of Give & Take this year, the giving technique known as “charitable split-dollar insurance” has been the center of controversy. Legislation has been introduced that would effectively end these plans that many in Congress and the Internal Revenue Service consider to be …Read More

A Rose by Any Other Name…

Posted August 1st, 1999

Editor’s note: The following article is reprinted from the June 1987 issue of Give & Take. We hope you will find it just as thought provoking today. What do director of development, vice president for development, director of major gifts, director of annual funds, director of planned giving, director of deferred giving, director of special …Read More

Gift Planner Enjoys ‘Helping People See Things In a New Light’

Posted August 1st, 1999

In this month’s Give & Take we talk with Ms. Deter Wisniewski, vice president for development at the St. Louis Science Center. Why did Ms. Wisniewski decide on a career in fund raising, and what has she learned in her 20-year career in development? Ms. Wisniewski shares the answers to these questions and more in …Read More

Are Planned Gifts Primarily Motivated by Tax Incentives?

Posted August 1st, 1999

While our income, estate, and gift tax systems all include powerful incentives to encourage philanthropic giving, it is important to remember that charitable giving in America, and in earlier cultures, preceded all of our current tax systems. Many of America’s leading charitable organizations were created and continuously funded through generous outright gifts, bequests, and life …Read More

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