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Posted October 1st, 1997

Good advice makes a difference Most people wonder from time to time if the job they do really makes a difference in people’s lives. This may be especially true of gift planning professionals who strive to help donors achieve their personal and charitable goals. According to a recent survey, gift planning professionals do make a …Read More

How To Plan a “Successful” Mailing

Posted October 1st, 1997

Was your last planned gift promotional effort successful? Before you go wading through your files to pull out last quarter’s results, think about what those spreadsheets really tell you about the mailing. You probably know the number of responses, but do you know if the responses were mostly general requests for information inquiries or highly …Read More

Charitable Intent and Tax Concerns Result in $1 Million Lead Trust

Posted October 1st, 1997

Although the charitable beneficiary of this lead trust wishes to remain anonymous, the story of this gift bears repeating and may inspire your organization to take another look at the charitable lead trust as a valuable gift planning vehicle. THE GIFT: A $1 million charitable lead trust, funded with appreciated securities. The trust will pay …Read More

Gift Planning Professionals Share Their Thoughts on the New Tax Law

Posted October 1st, 1997

Now that the Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997 is in effect, you may be wondering what it will mean for your donors and, ultimately, how it will affect your organization. Read on for the views of four gift planning professionals. They are Pamela Bennett, director of planned giving for Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center; Edward John, …Read More

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